Parish Library


The Saint Theresa Parish Library is the home of a vibrant browsing collection of donated books, CDs, and DVDs, which support our parish's devotion to the Catholic faith. The library is located in the narthex nearest the rectory, and all are welcome to browse and borrow any item.


How can I find a book?

You can look in the library catalog online by clicking here

We are currently working on adding all our items to the online catalog, but as of December 10, 2017, only about a quarter of the titles are included.

You can also browse the library shelves. When you do, you will see that each item has a label, usually on the book’s spine, that contains two lines. The first corresponds to the topic of the book and refers to the following list:


B           Biography


BVM     Blessed Virgin Mary


C            Church


CAT      Catechetics


CD         Church Doctrine


CH         Church History


CL          Christian Living

E            Education


HM        Healing Ministry


L             Liturgy


M           Morals


MAR     Marriage


MU        Music


N            Novels


P             Prayer


R            Reference *


S             Scripture


SJ            Social Justice


SR          Spiritual Reading


ST          Saints



The second line of the label is the first letter of the author's last name.

* Please note that if a book is considered Reference, the R is a third line at the top of the label.

How do I check out a book?

The library is self-serve and the instructions below are posted in the library.

To check out items, remove the card from the item's pocket. In the first available space on this card, write the date you are checking it out, your name, and your phone number, then place the card in the card box numerically.

To return items, put the item in the book return cart. The librarians will replace the card and place the book back on the shelf.

How long can I keep a book?

Borrowed items should be returned within four weeks. Reference items should be returned within two weeks. If you need items longer, leave a note for the librarians in the card box.


Can I donate books to the Library?

The library is happy to accept your donations of items that support the Catholic faith. We are currently looking for items that have been published within the last fifteen years and are in good condition, with no markings or damage. There is a plastic bin in the library to receive your items. Thank you!



Another area for reading enjoyment and spiritual growth is periodicals. The three magazine display racks in Narthex 4 & 5 of the Church are stocked with up-to-date, pre-priced periodicals. The racks are self-serve, and a payment box is above each rack.

The current list of periodicals is:

Catholic Digest

Give Us This Day

Inside The Vatican


Living With Christ

OSV Newsweekly


U.S. Catholic

Word Among Us